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Natural Carpet Rug

Natural Carpet Rug

Natural carpet rugs are the perfect ay to blend the warm aesthetic of natural flooring with your orginal flooring option.

Why Choose A Natural Carpet Rug

Natural flooring is the perfect way of bringing a little nature into your home. this versatile and attractive flooring option can add a contemporary tone to any space. Natural flooring is environmentally friendly and is the perfect way to bring a beautiful new aesthetic to your home.

There are a wide range of natural materials that can be used for your flooring, and each one has its own unique characteristics that suit different areas of the home. Here are some reasons why you should think about natural flooring in your home or workplace.

Despite the benefits that come with a natural carpet, you may not want to commit to an entire flooring job. This is where the natural flooring rug is perfect. Here we talk about ways to incorporate natural flooring into your space without completely changing it.

Don’t Start a Traffic Jam

It is essential that you understand where your natural carpet rug is going to go, and how much traffic it is going to receive. By traffic, we mean how much it is going to be walked on in a day. Different natural materials have different traffic tolerances and should be researched before deciding to purchase a rug for a high traffic area. The best natural materials for medium to high traffic areas are Sisal, and Sea Grass.

Colours – Natural or Dyed?

Between the process of harvesting the natural material, and sending it to your home or workplace, there is the process of colouring. Colouring comes in two options, natural (the natural colour of the material) or dyed (the material is dyed certain colours). Natural colours tend to range from greens to browns depending on the time of the harvest and some materials, such as Coir, actually continue to change as it ages. The colours that all natural carpet rugs are fantastic for complementing many different pallets, a fantastic example is the sandy beige of Sisal being used for beach inspired rooms.

Environmental Factors

Natural carpet rugs are the most environmentally friendly option when it comes to choosing the material of your carpet rug. All natural materials are grown and harvested from different areas around the world, then re-grown again in the next season. This also extends to the colouring of the rugs as some materials do not need to be dyed, as well as the lack of necessity on fertilisers (Jute rugs do not require any fertilisers). All natural rug materials are also 100% bio-degradable and recyclable.

Natural Properties

Many natural materials have properties that come from where they are grown, and suits them for some areas of your home or workspace better than others. For instance, Sea Grass is grown in water, so it has a natural resistance to most spills making it great for kitchens or bathrooms. Another great natural property is the softness of jute, as well as its anti-static properties.

Natural rugs are growing in popularity, and why wouldn’t they? There is a fantastic amount of benefits that come with owning a natural carpet rug, or an entire carpet.

Uniq Floors are natural carpet experts, and our team are always on hand to answer any questions you have about our products. If you wish to know more about our natural carpet range, please feel free to visit out natural carpet page, or contact us on 020 7433 3131.

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