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How to care for your natural carpet

Natural carpets are the environmentally friendly alternative to standard flooring materials. They are durable, anti-static and some are even resistant to liquid damage. Despite all the fantastic properties that come with natural fibre carpets, they are not completely impervious to damage from liquids or generally attracting dirt. Here we are going to talk about how you can look after your natural fibre carpet to get the best results.

Vacuuming For Maintenance

You should vacuum your natural carpet to pick up any embedded dirt or dust as often as possible. Try to vacuum your carpet around once a week to ensure that the fibres are maintained properly.

What Products Should I Use?

When you are choosing a cleaning product, you need to choose one that is specifically designed for natural fibres. You must not use a liquid product or water, as this can damage the fibres further or cause mould to begin forming.

It is recommended that you use a stain inhibitor on your natural flooring to prevent spills from soaking deeper into the carpet. By stopping liquids from seeping deeper into the fibres, it makes your job of cleaning and overall maintenance much easier.

I Spilt a Liquid On My Carpet, What Should I Do?

If you spill something, you need to be speedy in cleaning it up. It is important that you do not let the stain set, or you will have to work a lot harder to get rid of it.

You should use an absorbent paper towel (or alternatively a baby’s nappy if you have one around) to blot the stain until it is damp to dry. Do not rub the stain, or it will cause the fibres to become distorted and the stain to soak deeper into the material.

Next you should rub in a sprinkle of the dry cleaning product into the stain, wait overnight, then vacuum the area. If the stain does not disappear then continue repeating the steps until you are sure the stain is gone.

What Should I Do with Dried On Mud?

If you have kids, the chances are that you will find dried mud on your floors at one point or another. A lot of the time you will find the dirt when it is too late, and it has already dried into your natural fibre carpets. If you find yourself in this situation, do not fret! A stiff brush can be your saviour. Rub the brush against the area of carpet that is muddy (go along the weave if you have a seagrass carpet) and then vacuum the dirt away. Repeat until your natural carpet is as good as new.

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