Luxury laminate floors

Laminate flooring is an excellent compromise that balances the durability of man-made materials with a beautiful natural look. There is an exceptional range of laminate prints available, to suit any domestic or commercial requirements.

This is a relatively 

new product which has become hugely popular in recent years as the technology has progressed. It is manufactured by fusing a high resolution photographic printed layer onto a base of High Density Fibre-board (HDF). The top layer is protected by a hard-wearing aluminium oxide sealant which makes for a strong, long-lasting and attractive product. Originally developed as an alternative to solid wood flooring, there is an excellent choice of wood specie and grain finishes to choose from, not to mention an ever increasing range of tile, marble, terracotta or fashionable contemporary prints.

Laminate provides a more cost effective and practical way to produce a stylish effect in a given space. Our high-end options are even designed to feel and sound realistic with strong, dense bases. What’s more, the scratch and water resistant top-coat makes it the ideal choice throughout the home or the office. These floors are easy to maintain and clean and they do not fade or warp in the way that natural materials might. As such, it is particularly suited to kitchens and bathrooms where spillages are most likely to occur. And with the many design and colour options available you don’t have to compromise your decor plans in favour of practicality.

As with all our products, your chosen Laminate flooring can be installed in any space by our expert fitters, just discuss your requirements with our staff.

To see for yourself how practical and versatile Laminate flooring can be, visit us at Uniq Floors. You can browse our collection online, check out our showroom or call or email us for a quote.