Vinyl flooring has long been a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens but more and more its advantages are being appreciated throughout all areas of the home as well as in offices and industrial spaces. It is available in so many choices of design including stone, tile, mosaic or wood effect that you’re certain to find the perfect colour and pattern to suit your decorating plans.

Vinyl flooring is made from chips of a plastic called polyvinyl chloride which are fused together at high heat and pressure to create sheets of waterproof durable material which can be rolled or cut into tiles or strips as required. It is a relatively inexpensive way of getting the effect you need as well as a high level of resilience so it is ideal for heavy traffic areas. It is scratch, tear, splash resistant and easy to clean. It is laid onto a levelled sub floor with special adhesive; this also provides the advantage of effective insulation of the space, giving a pleasant warm and smooth feel underfoot.

We can install your vinyl flooring and, whether in your home or place of work, can advise you on the proper care of your floor to ensure it lasts a long time so you are able to make the most of it. From the best methods and products for keeping it clean to little tips such as padding your furniture legs to avoid tearing or denting and installing shades and blinds so that it will not fade in direct sunlight, our staff are the experts.

Uniq Floors has a huge range of vinyl, the perfect practical and economical choice for quality flooring. To see for yourself, visit us in-store or peruse the collection on our website. Alternatively, feel free to call or email us directly for a vinyl flooring quote.